eCash Monetary System

We have added a new monetary system called eCash, the objective and only reason why we added this new monetary is for buyers to avoid being scammed by other sellers who can't resist buying items even though we have prohibited it. We have also added the map called Loren Market where you can use this monetary. The main difference of eCash by eCoins is you can cash it out.

Where to Get eCash?

Login to our website and in the account profile page you will see a new field called eCash, beside it you will find a link called CashOut and Purchase eCash. Click Purchase eCash link to open the eCash purchase form, fill up the form with your transaction details then submit. You will get the eCash within 24 hours from the time of your submission. Once we notified you of your transaction approval, you simply need to relog/login your character to any of our servers to claim your eCash.

Where and How to use eCash?

You can use your eCash to buy item from Loren Market vendors, you can go to Loren Market through NPC Julia in Lorencia. Before you can start using eCash, you need to authorize your character by typing the command /authecash YOUR_MASTERKEY.

How to sell items for eCash?

You can sell your items for eCash in Loren Market map, warp to Loren Market map through NPC Julia in lorencia then authorize your character by typing the command /authecash YOUR_MASTERKEY, after authorization you can now vend your items in your personal store with eCash. Please take note that in every item you sold there will be a 5% tax as service fee. 

How to cashout eCash for PHP?

Login to our website and under account profile page you will see the CashOut link beside the eCash field. Click the link to open the cashout form then fill in the details, it is important that you put your active mobile and email so you will get the details of your cashout remittance, we will send you the money through Smart Padala within 48 hours from the time of your submission. Please take note that you will handle the remittance sending charges.

How to view your eCash history?

Login to our website and click the link My eCash History under the Account menu.