2-Step Verification Security

Agartha's account is secured by a second step verification to protect your investment in our server.

4 Digits PIN Method
  • This is an enforced 2-Step verification method.
  • You will be asked to set the 4 Digits PIN before you can start playing.
  • The 4 Digits PIN will not expire so you really have to secure it, the only way to change it is to reset it through our website Lost 4 Digits PIN under Account menu.
Google Authenticator OTP Method
  • You have to manually enable it through our website, login and click Enable Security button in Account Profile page beside Google Authenticator then a QR Code will be generated and shown.
  • Install the Google Authenticator app in your mobile, open the app and click the plus button then choose Scan QR code.
  • Scan the generated QR Code in your account profile page, the 6 Digits OTP for your account will now be generated every minute.
  • Logout in our website and Login back, this time you will be asked for the Google Authenticator 6 Digits OTP.
  • This method is far more secure compare to 4 Digits PIN method because the OTP in this method will expire every minute.