Arka War Event

Its a Guild vs Guild war event where the guilds should compete in capturing and protecting the Obelisks. There are 5 type/element of Obelisks, Fire, Water, Earth, Wind and Darkness tower, 2 random Obelisks will appear in every event .

Location and Schedule of Event

  • Server 20
  • Every Sunday at 7:00 PM

Steps on How to Join the Arca War Event

  1. Register Sign of Lords (members with battle master position and up only) as much as you can in NPC Lesnar before the event begin, you can find the NPC in Lorencia (114 132), Noria (183 126) and Devias (240 53) town . Only 6 guilds can join the event, the top 6 guilds will be ranked based on the total SOL they registered and also based on the date they registered, guilds with the same count of SOL registered will be ranked according to the date they registered, the guild who registered first will have the higher ranking.
  2. Guild masters should be able to register in NPC Lesnar (click Menu 2) from 7:00PM to 7:10 PM.
  3. Minimum of 9 guild members should be able to register in NPC Lesnar (click Menu 3) from 7:11 PM to 7:21pm.
  4. Enter the event through NPC Lesnar (click Menu 5) at 7:23 PM onward.

Policy of the Event

  • If you have a party, you will be removed from the party when you enter the event (step 5 above).
  • You can only do party with your guild members.
  • You wont be able to alter the guild (add/delete/destory) during the event.
  • Summon and Tracemarry is not allowed in the event.

What to do in the Event

  • When you entered the Arca War map, map is exactly like Acheron, (step 5 above), you will spawn in safezone, here you can form your party.
  • At 7:28 PM the 2 random Obelisks and 20 acheron Boss monster will be spawned in the battle zone, there are 2 battle zone, one in the left entrance and the other in the right entrance. One Obelik and 5 boss monsters will be spawned in the left and the same in the right.
  • You have to find and capture the 2 Obelisks, to capture the Obelisk, 3 players should step on those 3 blue circles surrounding the Obelisk to be able to attack the Obelisk and when its HP became Zero then you captured it.
  • Now the battle itself is 30 minutes, each guild can re-capture a captured Obelisk to steal it, the current guild who captured the Obelisk should protect it by killing the opposing guild members. After 30 minutes of battle, the guild who last captured the Obelisk will own the Obelisk.
  • You can kill other guild members during the battle, you will gain kill and gens contribution points, player will drop a trophy item when killed in the first time only. When a player is killed, the player will get a debuff for 90 seconds.
  • You can kill boss monster to gain kill points, monsters will drop trophy item when killed in the first time only.

Event Rewards

  1. Each Obelik you captured will give the whole guild (all members) one week buff and the buff will vary according to the Obelisk you captured.
  2. You will have one week 20% bonus experience rate when leveling in the Acheron map but its only applicable in the acheron zone (left and right) where you captured the Obelisk.
  3. You will have one week 20% bonus drop rate of elemental items in Acheron, the type of elemental items that you will have bonus will depend on the type of Obelisk you captured, also it is applicable only in the acheron zone where you captured the Obelisk.
  4. You will have one week 5% chance to loot ancient Pentagrams but applicable only to Acheron zone where you captured the Obelisk.
  5. You will have one week 20% bonus additional rate to loot a pentagram with third slot and 10% bonus for 4th slot, this is also applicable only to the acheron zone and type of element of Obelisk you captured..
  6. You will get experience base on your kill points.

Obelisk Bonus Buff by Type

  • Fire Tower - Increase skill damage + 20
  • Water Tower - Increase Defense + 30
  • Wind Tower - Increase Critical Rate +5% Damage
  • Earth Tower - Increase Attack + 20
  • Darkness Tower - Damage Reduction +10%

You can find more info here.