Fruits of Labor, Coin What May
Posted on May 01,2022 at 07:46
eCoins Bonus .....
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Valentines Grand Raffle Event
Posted on Feb 04,2022 at 18:14
10 will win our Tier Set promo here, you will be ab .....
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February Fondness 2022
Posted on Feb 02,2022 at 08:54
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Christmas Stars
Posted on Dec 17,2021 at 13:18

It's Christmas now in Devias! You can start hunting for stars until 25th...,  Stars will drop rare items, regular items (ma .....
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Christmas eCoins Promo 2021
Posted on Nov 30,2021 at 06:52

All donations with minimum amount of 400 Pesos through Cebuana, GCash, Verified PayPal and Merchants will receive the following .....
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Christmas Tier and Events 2021
Posted on Nov 22,2021 at 07:27
Tier Item Freebies .....
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Agartha Season 13
Posted on Sep 25,2021 at 00:32

We have updated to Season 13! You need to download our new official client from our Download page to connect to our server.
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