Castle Lord Mix and LOT

Castle Lord Mix Drop List (10 mix max per day until Jan. 2, 2019 then later max of 5 mix)
  • Exc. Guardian Weapons/Set parts (380 type), Drop rate:10%, Excellent rate: 1st=100% 2nd=15%, Luck rate: 40%, Skill rate:70%.
  • Exc. Divine Weapons, Drop rate:10%, Excellent rate: 1st=100% 2nd=80% 3rd=15%, Luck rate: 30%, Skill rate:70%, Max level:14.
  • Exc. Blood Angel set parts (Arka owner only), Drop rate:30%, Excellent rate: 1st=100% 2nd=80% 3rd=50%, Luck rate=40%
  • Exc. Regular Weapons, Drop rate:80%, Excellent rate: 1st=100% 2nd=100% 3rd=70%, Skill rate:100% Luck rate=80%
  • Talisman of Chaos Assembly (TOCA), Drop rate: 10%
  • Ex. Dark Transformation Ring , Drop rate: 10%, Excellent rate: 1st=100% 2nd=100%
  • eX7 accessories (Ring of Ultimatum, Ring of Block ...), Drop rate: 5/10000
Land of Trials Drop List (LOT)
  • Ancient items, Drop rate:5/10000
  • Divine Weapons, Drop rate:5/10000
  • Jewel of Guardian, Drop rate:5/10000
  • Exc. Regular Set parts and Shields, Drop rate:10/10000, Excellent rate: 1st=100% 2nd=100% 3rd=50%, Shield skill rate:90% Luck rate=50%