Off-Trade system is our mechanism to allow muphizens to sell items through personal store without a need to be online ingame. Using this system will save resources in your computer and reduce your electric bill.

How to use this system?

1. Login ingame and set your personal store as normal.
2. Open your personal store.
3. Type /offtrade and your client will be disconnected in 5 seconds leaving your character online.

How to disconnect your character using Off-Trade system?

1. Simply login to your account ingame.


  1. Off-Trade characters online maximum count is limited to 50% of our Market server capacity.
  2. Service fee of 0.595 eCoins per hour has been charged to Off-Trade users.
  3. Gold subscribers can use Off-Trade freely.
  4. Your character using Off-Trade system will automatically be disconnected when all the items in your personal store are sold out.
  5. Off-Trade fee will start calculating when your OffTrade character reached 5 minutes so you still have 5 minutes to do corrections in your store without being charged.