Account Insurance

Account Insurance

The securities we provided you is enough to secure your account, but if you would like to extend the protection of your investment then you can subscribe for a one year Account Insurance. This insurance will guarantee the protection of your investments in case someone managed (somehow???) to "HACK" or stole your account.

Insurance Protection Coverage :

  1. Account's ownership.
  2. Account's eCoins and eCash.
  3. Account's characters.
  4. Vault items .
  5. Character items.
  6. Character PCPoints.

How to subscribe for 1 Year Account Insurance:

  1. Using your account's registered email, send your Account ID, 4 Digits Login Code and Personal ID to  with subject stating Account Insurance for initial account assessment.
  2. If your account passed our initial assessment, we will include in the reply the instruction on how you will pay for the subscription.


  • Only cases within Insurance subscription period will be covered.
  • Insured account will be forced to use the autolock security system.
  • The insurance will not cover lost items through SCAM.
  • False "HACK" report will result to Account Insurance's subscription termination and Account BAN for a month.
  • Account's sold via PHP will result to Account Insurance's subscription termination.
  • MUPH management reserves the right to change/update/terminate the Insurance system as the management sees it fit without prior notice.