Wing 4 Exc. Options Upgrade
Posted on Nov 30,2021 at 13:12
Untitled DocumentThe possible excellent options for 4th Wings  are listed in the table below, the excellent option rate or value will differ depend on the random exc. tier level (1-4) of the wing.

How to upgrade the exc. tier level?
  • Level 1 to 2 - Drag and drop Rank 3 Errtel (777 and above has 75% success rate and 10 10 10 has 95% success rate).
  • Level 2 to 3 - Drag and drop Rank 3 Errtel (777 and above has 55% success rate and 10 10 10 has 85% success rate).
  • Level 3 to 4 - Drag and drop Rank 3 Errtel  of Radiance (777 and above has 50% success rate and 10 10 10 has 75% success rate).

When the upgrade failed only the errtel will be consumed, each exc. option upgrade success will depend on the rates specified above. Errtel of Radiance is required to upgrade from tier level 3 to 4.

Available Exc. OptionsLevel
Increase Mana Full Recovery Rate3%5%6%7%
Increase HP Full Recovery Rate3%5%6%7%
Increase Enemy DMG Return Rate3%5%6%7%
Increase Enemy DEF Ignore Rate3%5%6%7%
Increase Excellent DMG Rate3%5%7%10%
Increase Double DMG Rate3%5%6%7%
Increase Attack (Magic) Speed57912
Increase Strength10254065
Increase Health10254065
Increase Energy10254065
Increase Agility10254065

Note: The upgrade option will be enabled on Dec. 3 maintenance.