UnScheduled Maintenance
Posted on Jun 17,2024 at 15:29
We will do a quick reboot at 4:00 PM today (June 17) to apply some important patches, most of it concerns Master and Enhance passive skills. 
  • Corrections to Enhance ML magical weapon power increase rate.
  • Corrections to ML wizardry/power increase.
  • Wizardy increase rate of new swords for MG class is now added.
  • ML shield mastery of Wizard and Dark Lord class is defense increase not rate.
  • Added ML Lance and Shield power up for Grow Lancer class.
  • Activated ML Lance mastery double damage rate increase for Grow Lancer class.
  • Restored Lorencia/Noria/Devias in Castle Server, Lesnar NPC is back to those 3 maps.