Server Re-Structure
Posted on Mar 24,2020 at 19:41
Agartha subservers have been re-structured as follows and this will be an experimental for a week then we will decide on what direction we will go.

  • Subservers now are PVP and Castle Siege servers.
  • PVP server capacity is expanded to 800.
  • eCoins market moved to Elbeland.
  • Zeny market moved to Noria.
  • Personal store is prohibited in Lorencia and Devias.
  • You can now get master experience starting Tarkan and Icarus, both mid-part of the map.
  • Nar's boss will now spawn every 6hrs.
  • Max clients per PC is set to 5.
  • Max party per PC is set to 3.
  • Post is disabled, use the friend/gens/guild/alliance system.
Gold Subscription
  • Bonus Exp - +5
  • Excellent Drop Rate - +2%
  • Jewels Drop Rate - +5%
  • Ancient Drop Rate - +3%
  • Chaos Mix Success Rate - +5% (some of chaos mix has max success of 90% only)
  • Chaos mix zen cost - 50% discount
  • PK status will clear 2x faster
  • ML profiles access
  • Type the command /nopk so you can't be PKed nor you can (this is temporary and will be removed on next maint)
  • PK clear with pking heroes will be removed
  • We will be adding another gold subscription type where when you are subscribed your character can not be pked nor can you.