PK System Updates - NOTE
Posted on Jun 04,2018 at 20:15

We have changed/added some rules in our PVP PKing system as follows.
  • Once a character became an outlaw (orange color), you will be warned not to kill (non-murderer) within 2 minutes to avoid becoming murderer. It means an outlaw can kill a non-murderer without becoming a murderer after letting 2 minutes passed, you will receive a message when that 2 minutes is up.
  • A murderer can warp now but using the command /warp mapname (/warp lorencia), also the cost of warp will be x10 of the original cost.
  • A murderer is allowed now to buy in Lorencia Potion NPC.
  • A murderer can become commoner by killing 3 heroes.
  • Becoming a Hero now will give you gladiator's buff for 1 hour.
  • There is global announcement now when a character became a Hero or Murderer.

NOTE: The outlaw rule where a player can still PK every 2 minutes is temporarily disabled due to continues notice bug.

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