Lothar 4th Class Event
Posted on Dec 24,2023 at 00:45

The characters who will first evolve to 4th class (only one in each class) will receive pentagram, errtel and guardian weapon.

  • 1x Pentagram 4 slots of your choice (lyra not yet included)
  • 1x Errtel 777 of your choice (radiance not yet included)
  • 1x Guardian Weapon (380 type) +Luck +Skill +2 Exc (your choice)
  • 1x Garuda Feather

  • Lothar server will be opened to public on Dec. 24 at 5:00PM GMT + 8.
  • Lothar realm will use the same client for Agartha realm.
  • eCoins is shareable between Agartha and Lothar, the eCoins transfer module will be available on Dec. 24.
  • Lothar will join Agartha's battle core later...

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