Heart of Love 2020
Posted on Feb 04,2020 at 07:45
eCoins Promo

Starting now until Valentines Day, loot (PVP and Gold server) and store 214 Heart of Love in your vault to avail 40% eCoins bonus in your eCoins donation, the bonus rate will depends on how many Heart of Love items are stored in your vault and the maximum bonus rate is 40%. 

Formula: bonus rate = total count of heart of love / 214 * 40

The bonus ecoins will be added when you donated on February 14 and 15 with minimum amount of 140 through Mlhuillier, Cebuana, GCash, Smart, Verified PayPal and Merchants.

Rare Items

3 rare items will be dropped from heart love each day until Feb. 14.

  • The total heart of love will be counted on the time of donation approval and it will not be deleted so just keep it there for later donations.
  • The bonus will be activated on February 14 and 15 only.

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