Discord App Chat Integration - UPDATED
Posted on Jun 22,2019 at 07:40

You can now chat (post) to our specific server (Market and PVP) from Discord App, but you need first to link your MU account to your discord account before you can post a message.

How to link?

Method 1
  • In discord app, find Agartha Spam Bot and right click Private Message to send our Bot a message privately.
  • Send this message to our Bot: !link MU-Username MU-Password
  • When you received a reply your request has been sent, relogin your MU account.
Method 2
  • PM Agartha Spam Bot with message !myid command, bot will respond to you with your discord user id.
  • Login to our website and click Update Profile link under Account Profile menu.
  • Submit the form with your personal ingame id, discord user id and captcha code.

How to post from Discord App after Linking?
  • Your character should actually be ingame to post a message, currently posting from discord is only available to our Market and PVP servers.
  • To send post to Agartha Market server, pm our Bot: !post amarket YOUR-MESSAGE
  • To send post to Agartha PVP server, pm our Bot: !post apvp YOUR-MESSAGE
  • Restrictions in Post ingame will apply and it will cost you zeny also.
  • Later we will be adding whisper and alliance chat.