Agartha Season 11 Updates
Posted on Apr 12,2019 at 16:06

Our server is now updated to Season 11 Episode 1, the client and needed patches to connect to our server are available in our download page. Download this font and install if you can't read the font ingame, ArialUni.ttf.

Below are the Season 11 updates implemented to our server.

Official Updates
  1. New Map Ferea
  2. Darkangel Master Set
  3. Bloodangel Weapons
  4. Blessed Divine Weapons
  5. New Character Information Interface
  6. New Skills
  7. Elemental System Update
  8. New Socket Items
Other Official
  1. New Muun items (12 types) added, NPC Monica's exchanged items updated.
  2. Updated NPC James with new Ruud items.
  3. Elemental base attack success rate = (AddStrength + Strength) / 4 + 3 * (AddDexterity + Dexterity) / 2 + 5 * TotalLevel
  4. Elemental base defence rate = Dexterity / per character divisor (Elf:2, DL:7, SN:4, RF:10, GL:4, BK:3, DW:3, MG:3)
  5. Steel of Heaven, ingredient for Blessed divine weapons, set to drop with Kundun, Erohim, Selupan and Medusa. 

Custom Updates
  1. You can hunt to Vulcanus (PVP Server only) through Dungeon map at coordinates 158 45. Gladiator honor buff is required to enter Vulcanus, you can get the Gladiator buff by winning events (Blood Castle, Chaos Castle, Doppel Ganger, Imperial Guardian and Dungeon Race) and becoming a hero. Steel of Heaven  and exc. divine weapons are added to drop in Vulcanus.
  2. Drop of Exc. divine weapons in Blood castle event.
  3. Steel of Heaven, ingredient for Blessed divine weapons, set to drop with colosus erohim, colosus hellmaine, colosus kundun, golden satyrus, golden twin tale, golden iron knight, golden napin and golden greate dragon. (drop rate is lower compare to Bosses mentioned above.)

CashShop Updates
  1. Added Ruud Box under Box & Keys category. This will give you a random Ruud from 100 to 500.
  2. Removed Sealed Stone Shard, you can buy it now through NPC James in Elbeland.

Agartha Management