Agartha Duel Bet System - Update
Posted on Oct 08,2018 at 17:53
Betus the younger brother of Titus came to Agartha to aid his brother, gambling is all he do and yet he hates being scammed so much, he had enough of it! He wanted an scam-free duel gambling so he is now offering a service of being a middle man in handling and arranging duels with bets....

Agartha's new Duel System - Soft Opening!

Duel bet system will be first opened in realm in PVP 12, the bets will be in eCoins (100/300 eCoins) or Pack of Bless (30 pcs.)...

Duel Bet System Mechanics
  1. Talk to NPC Betus, besides NPC Titus, and click the Register button, if registration succeeded you will have a maximum of 1 minute to wait for an oppenent, if none came your registration will be cancelled.
  2. When a second player registered, doing same step in 1, gamblers will now have a chance to bet in a maximum of 3 minutes. If none bet after 3 minutes the duel will be cancelled.
  3. To bet eCoins, talk to NPC Betus and choose one of the duelers (helm or sword icon), under it click the amount of eCoins you want to bet (100/300/500EC), you can do multiple bets but there will be delay in each bet, the higher the amount the longer the delay. Your bet when succeeded will be listed below.
  4. Bets are arranged in ascending order, when the total bets in dueler 1 and dueler 2 is not equal after 3 minutes, the last bet will be excluded or the difference will be deducted from it, this will continue (descending order) till the total bets between 2 sides became equal.
  5. When the duel started talk to NPC Betus to see the final bets.
  6. When none of the duelers won after the duel, all the bets will be returned.
  7. When a dueler won after the duel, winners bets will be doubled and all the exclued bets will be returned.

Duel Winning Policy
  • Dueler who scored 10 will be the winner.
  • Regardless of scores, the dueler who cancel the duel will be the looser.
  • If both has no scores and one of the duelers moved out of duel room or got disconnect then none will win.
  • When the 60 seconds timeout occured, if both scores are zero or equal none will win otherwise the dueler with more points will be the winner.
  • Regardless of scores, when the server issued a countdown for shutdown (maintenance) the duels will be cancelled and none will win.

  1. All the transactions in duel bets have logs (eCoins history and server logs).
  2. Our duel bet system has passed several tests but if ever you encountered glitch please report it asap through our ticket system or send us an email ([email protected]).
  3. Duelers can relog before the duel starts.
  4. Gamblers can relog or switch servers as they wish before/during/after the duel.
  5. If you are not online in PVP 12 after the duel, you will receive the eCoins or Jewel of Bless when you relogin.
  6. If you dont have enough space for the jewels when the duel ended, you will need to free up some space and relogin to claim the jewels.

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