Agartha Content Updates
Posted on Aug 16,2021 at 06:48

In a month or two agartha will be updating to Season 13 with interface updates of season 13-16, it means agartha will be using season 16 client with it's interface features/system but with primary contents from Season 13 first. 

Advantages of Season 16 client
  • Lighter client, webzen has removed code obsfucation in this client so it means faster cpu/gpu processing.
  • Season 14-16 ready, our future content updates like adding those new characters in Season 14-16 will be faster and will not require you to download a new client anymore.
  • Adapting to new interface features, agartha will already have updates like Personal store renewal, new jewel stacking etc...
Season 13 Official Guide

Agartha Development Video

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