Agartha 8th Yrs Anniversary Raffle Draw
Posted on Jul 25,2020 at 08:54

15 Characters will have a chance to win Tier 3/4/5 from our Anniversary Tier Freebies event respectively  on August 8 at 8:00pm, registration of tickets is until July 31 only.

  • TIER 5 - 1st to 5th winners
  • TIER 4 - 6th to 10th winners
  • TIER 3 - 11th to 15th winners

How to register tickets?
  1. Selling one Jewel of Bless to NPC will give you 1 ticket.
  2. Killing some boss monsters will give you 5 to 10 tickets.
  3. Killing some golden monsters will give you 2 to 5 tickets.
  4. Each 100 eCoins spent in CashShop will give you 30 tickets.
  5. PKing 5 non-outlaw characters will give you 1 ticket.
  6. Pking 5 murderers will give you 2 tickets.
  7. Pking 5 Heroes will give you 2 tickets.
  8. Limited tickets are available from our Loyalty Store.

  1. PKing in PK Free zone will not give you PK count for the tickets.
  2. You should PK 5 different characters using different computers to gain count for the tickets.
  3. Switching or relogging character will reset your PK counts for the tickets.
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