This an event where the 2 families in mu continent, Duprian and Vanert, will fight in the battle map (Vulcanus) to be the lord/owner of that map.

Gens War Event Details

Mission - Eliminate all the opposite family members to be the lord of Battle map/Vulacanus.
Max Duration - 15 minutes

How to join the event?

Warp in Vulcanus when Gens War event commences

Battle Map/Vulcanus Advatages? (Will be implemented once the event started)
  1. 25% of monster experience given will be added.
  2. +3% jewels drop rate
  3. Gold/Silver box ingredients drop. (these items will drop only in this map except in Gold Servers)
  4. 1/10000 drop probability of ancient/set items. (LOT has 7/10000)
  5. +3 gens contribution points in each kill during the event

  1. You can't stay in Vulcanus safezone after the 5 minutes count down, doing so will eliminate you in the event.
  2. Dark lord's summon skill is disabled in Vulcanus during the event.
  3. Tracemarry command is disabled to target players in Vulcanus during the event.
  4. Winner will be declared immediately once all the family members has been eliminated.
  5. If after 15 minutes timeout both family still have members left, the family with more members alive will be declared as winner.
  6. If after 15 minutes timeout both family still have members left and the both families have equal count of alive members then the defending family will be considered as winner.
  7. If event started and no one joined the event, the current defending family will be considered as winner.
  8. There has no members limit for both families.
  9. If you warp out of Vulcanus during the event, you will be eliminated.
  10. You cant warp into Vulcanus when the event started.
  11. Once a family became the lord/owner of the battle map, the other family members wont be able to warp into that map.
  12. If the battle map is unoccupied/no current owner, no players can warp into that map.
  13. You can't use Talisman of Resurrection into Vulcanus during the event.
  14. You can't attack any monsters in Vulcanus during the event.
  15. You can attack players in Vulcanus after the 5 minutes countdown.

Event Schedule per Server (Starting March 14, 2014 after maintenance)

Server 12 - Every Monday and Thursday at 8 PM
Server 13 - Every Tuesday and Friday at 8 PM
Server 14 - Every Wednesday and Saturday at 7 PM
Server 15 - Every Sunday at 7 PM

We will change the mechanics and add/remove restrictions without prior notice to ensure balance in this event.