Weekly Scheduled Maintenance
Posted on May 08,2016 at 08:14
There will be a server maintenance today, May 8, from 9:00 am to 10:00 am. During the maintenance all our servers and website will be inaccessible.

MUPH's Summer Heat 2016 Tier Promo!
Posted on Apr 11,2016 at 15:23

This summer we are bringing the Set Tier promo for both Agartha eX (Season 8) and Agartha Rebirth (Season 6) realms. We are releasing sets  .....
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Holy Week Boost Exp and Promo - Extended!
Posted on Mar 20,2016 at 12:05
Boost Exp .....
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Agartha eX Duel Master Event - Championship
Posted on Feb 28,2016 at 06:38
Server - Server 19
Date & Time - March 12, 2016 at 8 p.m. .....
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Holidays Goodies!
Posted on Feb 05,2016 at 11:37
In celebration of Chinese New Year and Valentines Day, we will have the following goodies!

eCoins Bonus Promo .....
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Grand Master Duel Master Event - Agartha eX
Posted on Feb 02,2016 at 06:13

The time has come where sorcery, white magic, and the dark arts are being honed. The Wizards and Sorcerers of Mu continent have forseen the stars for the events that are to unfold. The Wizard's Duelmasters are now upon us but the stars have not shown who shall wield the ancient power of Mu's most powerful staff.

Wizards and Sorcerers travel the forgotten lost towers to ask the lord Balrog's blessings, seek the forbidden tombs of the Dungeons where the long dead Ghosts hold secrets of untold power, even to the skies of Icarus the Drakans and the mighty Dark Phoenix have not been left alone for the wizards who seek enlightenment.

Spells, Ssorcery, witchcraft, magic, and the darkarts will be unleashed when these great casters meet. As the stars have foretold of this power driven battle, the most powerful of The Grand Masters is a mystery even to the most enlightened of their kind.

Is our undefeated sorcerer, Grand Master Anubis .....
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February Fondness 2016
Posted on Feb 02,2016 at 04:30
Anihin ang saya ngayong buwan na puno ng sigla. Ngayong Pebrero, nilabag namin ang ilang panuntunan upang kayong lahat ay mabigyan ng higit na kasiyahan..

Halina kayo at ikalat ang kulay ng pag-ibig (o digmaan) sa lupain ng Mu. Lumahok na!
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Agartha Classic Season 2 Realm
Posted on Jan 15,2016 at 12:35

We have added a new realm in our server for those hard core players who want a more challenging PVP and for those who dont want .....
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New Year Lucky Coins Raffle Winners
Posted on Jan 06,2016 at 20:04
Below are our 15 winning tickets (1st to 15th) from our Lucky Coin raffle draw event for 2016 New Year season. Please refer Read More

Lucky Coins New Year Raffle
Posted on Dec 28,2015 at 18:34
We will have a Lucky Coins Raffle event on January 3, 2016 at 8pm, 15 accounts will win an exc. divine weapon of your choice!

How to get ti .....
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Christmas Star Raffle Winners
Posted on Dec 27,2015 at 12:01
Below are the ten winning tickets with our Christmas Star Raffle event. Click here to see the list .....
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X-Mas eCoins Bonus Promo
Posted on Dec 17,2015 at 07:12
Availing of our eCoins with minimum amount of 400 Pesos through MLhuillier, Cebuana, GCash, PayPal (Verified only) and Merchants will give you the fol .....
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Christmas Goodies
Posted on Nov 17,2015 at 20:55
Gold Subscription 50% OFF .....
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X-Mas Castle Siege Events
Posted on Nov 16,2015 at 09:31
We got 5 castle sieges left till Christmas, our last Castle Siege event will be on December 19 (Agartha Season 8) and 20 (Agartha Rebirth), the follow .....
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Max ML TradeOff XMAS Event
Posted on Nov 09,2015 at 08:14

So you got a useless character in your account and you want to dispose it? Or through leveling of your main character you used a .....
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Agartha Duel Master Event Finale
Posted on Sep 28,2015 at 07:00
Agartha Best of 3 Duels Challenge the Champion 2015

Congratulations to mainit .....
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Castle Siege and Golden Fenrir
Posted on Jan 20,2014 at 14:49
Dear Mutizens,

We are now adding the Golden Fenrir as a trophy for weekly Castle Siege. Now whoever will win the Castle Siege will have an .....
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