Christmas Goodies
Posted on Nov 17,2015 at 20:55
Gold Subscription 50% OFF .....
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X-Mas Castle Siege Events
Posted on Nov 16,2015 at 09:31
We got 5 castle sieges left till Christmas, our last Castle Siege event will be on December 19 (Agartha Season 8) and 20 (Agartha Rebirth), the follow .....
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Max ML TradeOff XMAS Event
Posted on Nov 09,2015 at 08:14

So you got a useless character in your account and you want to dispose it? Or through leveling of your main character you used a .....
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Agartha Duel Master Event Finale
Posted on Sep 28,2015 at 07:00
Agartha Best of 3 Duels Challenge the Champion 2015

Congratulations to mainit .....
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Castle Siege and Golden Fenrir
Posted on Jan 20,2014 at 14:49
Dear Mutizens,

We are now adding the Golden Fenrir as a trophy for weekly Castle Siege. Now whoever will win the Castle Siege will have an .....
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