DM 2014 Duel Masters Class - Finale
Posted on Sep 10,2014 at 09:21
Congratulations to VrgnKiller .....
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Loyalty Shop - 1st BER Limited Wings Promo
Posted on Sep 01,2014 at 19:12
Limited quantities of third wings +ignore and season 7 wings +ignore are now available in our Loyalty Sh .....
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The First BER Special
Posted on Aug 31,2014 at 21:42
Hi Muphizens,

We are stepping in the first BER month, the time when we knew and felt Christmas is few sleeps away and also the time we want .....
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DM 2014 Duel Masters - Championship
Posted on Aug 27,2014 at 13:46
Server - Server 19
Date & Time - Sept. 9, 2014 at 8 p.m. .....
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Loyalty Shop - New limited items
Posted on Aug 26,2014 at 08:17
Limited quantities of Divine weapons, Moss weapons, Third wing mix item and Fenrir mix item are now available in our Read More

Agartha Duel Extension
Posted on Aug 21,2014 at 13:03
Party Duel Extension .....
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Maling Pagbili ng eCoins for PHP
Posted on Aug 08,2014 at 21:02

May mga tao pong mag-attempt na magbenta ng eCoins for PHP at ang modus operandi ng mga ito ay ibenta sa inyo ng mas mura ang eC .....
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Magic Gladiator DuelMaster Event
Posted on Jul 17,2014 at 09:12
The colosseum, glory grounds of the warrior. In a time long-ago, never forgotten, champions honed their skills in might and magic seeking eternal glory. These champions killed for sport, weilding skills not showing the swiftness of their kill but a first glance on how death can be delivered in so many ways for the entertainment of the onlookers.

After darkness fell upon the land and creatures from deep under the ground who once feared the light boldly step-out wreaking havoc and chaos on middle earth confident that their lord and most powerful of their kind, Kundun, along with his brother generals Balgass and Erohim march to war against the the kingdom of Loren, the colosseum was shut down along with every gladiator's dream.  .....
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Gens War Event Update
Posted on Jul 15,2014 at 18:15

We made some changes in our Gens War event as follows:

1. This event will be hosted now by Server 20  or Castle .....
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Agartha Year 2 - Grand Raffle Winners
Posted on Jul 06,2014 at 22:06
Rare Item Raffle Event .....
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Evil Cursed Wings Added in Chaos Mix
Posted on Jul 02,2014 at 19:57

You can now create the season 7 wings also known as evil cursed wings through chaos mix in Noria. To create these wings, talk to .....
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Agartha Year 2 - Grand Raffle Events
Posted on Jun 27,2014 at 22:17

Just a few days away and we'll celebrate our 2nd B-day, the day is the 3rd of July .....
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ML Reset and Reset Stat Clearing Promo
Posted on Jun 23,2014 at 13:04
Our ML Reset item in our cashshop is currently under 50% discount promo, the price in cashshop is showing 750EC so if you bought it only 375EC will be .....
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Agartha Season 7 Guide
Posted on Jun 23,2014 at 07:58
You need to get our Season 7 client to play our newly upgraded Season 7 server.  Our new client is available in installer or Zip package, please .....
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Post Summer Specials Freebies
Posted on Jun 22,2014 at 04:34
Pending freebies for our recent promo, Post Summer Specials, will be released on June 24, 2014 at 9 A.M.

MUPH Management

Agartha and Meropis Merge
Posted on Jun 20,2014 at 08:16
We are pleased to announce that finally, Season 7 (aka eX7) will now come to our Agartha server. Along with the upgrade our Meropis server will be mer .....
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Post Summer Facebook Challenge Winners
Posted on Jun 06,2014 at 10:04
Here are the winners from the our Post Summer Facebook Challenge we had from May 21, 2014 to June 5, 2014.

Rewards: .....
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DM 2014 High Elf - Finale
Posted on May 22,2014 at 07:39
Server - Server 19
Date & Time - May. 30, 2014 at 7 p.m. .....
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DM 2014 Grand Masters Finale
Posted on Apr 13,2014 at 04:45
Congratulation to Anubis, he is still MUPH's reigning Duel Master for Grand Masters class.
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Gens War Event
Posted on Mar 13,2014 at 22:06
This an event where the 2 families in mu continent, Duprian and Vanert, will fight in the battle map (Vulcanus) to be the lord/owner of that map.
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Loyalty Shop now Available
Posted on Mar 08,2014 at 12:50

You can now get your free items using your Loyalty Points from our Loyalty Shop HE .....
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Loyalty Points Program
Posted on Mar 05,2014 at 08:35
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Agartha Duel Master 2014 Blade Masters - Videos
Posted on Mar 03,2014 at 13:09
Challenge of the Champion

SgtBigaon vs mainit .....
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Castle Siege and Golden Fenrir
Posted on Jan 20,2014 at 14:49
Dear Mutizens,

We are now adding the Golden Fenrir as a trophy for weekly Castle Siege. Now whoever will win the Castle Siege will have an .....
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Ingame OTP Update
Posted on Nov 12,2013 at 18:58
Dear Mutizens,

We now automate the sending of Ingame OTP to the mobile number you set in your account as we understand it is a hassle to lo .....
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Ingame and Web OTP
Posted on Nov 01,2013 at 16:50
Dear Mutizens,

Ingame and Web OTP (slang word for One-Time Password) is our redesigned and improved security to our "Temporary Password Sec .....
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