Talisman of Ultimatum Raffle Winners
Posted on Apr 10,2017 at 08:36
Below are the 10 winning tickets for our Summer Heat's Talisman of Ultimatum Raffle event. Your registered tickets are listed in this page, if any of the tickets below belongs to your list then you will get two talisman of ultimatum item ingame. 

You can claim the items by creating a support ticket here, select Account Issue as subject then include the following details in your ticket.

  • Server Realm (Agartha eX or Agartha Rebirth or Agartha Classic)
  • Name of character who will get the items
  • Winning Ticket No.

Winning Tickets
  1. JHV39890
  2. VPP23185
  3. PHD10251
  4. IZW15950
  5. LAC23812
  6. PFT88176
  7. FFO24884
  8. ZGP71844
  9. NKX97392
  10. HGL58583
Congrats to winners!

NOTE: To use the Talisman of Ultimatum, you will need to place it in the first slot of your main inventory, your mix success rate will be 100% for upgrading item level to +10/+11/+12/+13/+14/+15. You can only use it once per mix, it will be deleted from your inventory after the mix. If you don't want to use it DON'T place it in the first slot of your main inventory!