Scheduled Maintenance - eX Servers Restructuring
Posted on Nov 04,2018 at 00:16
There will be a server maintenance on Nov. 4 (Sunday) at 10:00 AM. During the maintenance all our servers and website will be inaccessible. Maintenance estimated duration is 2hr to 3hr.

We will be re-structuring eX servers as follows...
  • We will be unifying the NON-PVP and PVP servers, now there will be one NON-PVP and one PVP server.
  • Capacity of the new NON-PVP and PVP server will be increased to accomodate our current capacity.
  • New monster spawns will be added.
  • Non-Buff server will be removed.
  • Devias will be set as NON-Penta map and its first gate will be set to PK free. The rest of the maps will be Penta maps.
  • Lorencia PK Circle is Penta PVP.
  • Lorencia PK Pit is Non-Penta PVP.
  • Duels initiated from non-penta map like devias and non-penta zone like lorencia pit will be in non-penta else it will be normal (penta mode).
  • Gold servers will be removed, offlevel will be activated in both NON-PVP and PVP servers. 
NOTE: This structure is not final, we will try this for a week and see if this structure will bring more activity ingame.