Agartha Year 6 Grand Raffle Winners
Posted on Jul 03,2018 at 20:48
Below are the list of winners with our 6th Yrs. Anniversary Grand Raffle event here.

Agartha eX Realm Winning Tickets
  1. BQW49395
  2. JTC97388
  3. UFL33646
  4. WFH00692
  5. QRU44556

Agartha Classic Realm Winning Tickets
  1. XXQ55298
  2. PXQ10551
  3. ENY28469
  4. KHV52972
  5. IOX40799
Visit this link to check if you won, if you did then create a ticket here (General Inquiry) with the following details.
  • Realm (Agartha eX or Classic)
  • Winning Ticket
  • Character name who will receive the prize item(s).
  • Choose the Tier 5 (eX) or Tier 4 (Classic) here.
Congratulations to all the winners!