Agartha Season 10 Update
Posted on Nov 12,2017 at 17:13
We have completed our Season 10 update for our Agartha eX realm (previously Season 8 Episode 2). Please take note that we have'nt added yet all the features of Season 9 - Season 10 Episode 3, we prioritize the base/core features and slowly we will be adding the missing features that will fit to us. Our web module for transfering 3rd class from our BETA server to our official eX realm will be available soon....

Features completed:
  1. Muun system
  2. Eggs Monster event
  3. Grow Lancer character
  4. Uruk and Nars map
  5. New Elemental sytem
  6. Skill Imprint
  7. New Master skills
  8. Stat Specialization
  9. Errtel of Radiance
  10. Blood Angels sets
  11. Errtel of Radiance
Please read here for detailed information of the Season 10 features.

Update Notes:
  1. Riding dark horse, fenrir and dinorant is done now through right clicking into it while the item is in the inventory slot and not in the equipment slot.
  2. We made the lucky items and Muun items (pets and evolution stone) tradeable.
  3. Blood Angel ancient items will drop in Acheron, Debenter and Uruk maps but only if you are a member of the guild who won the Arka battle.
  4. Blood Angel excellent items will drop in Nars map.
  5. You can enter Uruk and Nars maps through Acheron, please use the minimap (tab) to see the entrance gates.
  6. Muun critical and excellent damage passive effects are set to rate.