Offline Leveling System
Posted on Oct 29,2017 at 08:15

Offline leveling system or simply offlevel is a mechanism where your character will kill monsters, gain experience, loot items/zeny, repair equipments, use hp/mana pots and other things an MU Helper can do WITH YOUR CLIENT CLOSED. The main difference with MU Helper is helper requires your client to be running while this system does not, with helper the client is the one sending commands to server so it is still prone to lags and dc or it is simply dependent on your internet stability while the offlevel system is not.

How to use this system?
  1. Get a gold subcription if you are not yet subscribed by typing /getgold number_of_days (7/15/30).
  2. Login to Gold server.
  3. Set your MU Helper configurations.
  4. If you want to offlevel with party then set the party first.
  5. Go to your leveling spot.
  6. Type the command /offlevel, if successful your client will be disconnected and your character will remain online leveling.

  1. Currently offlevel will require Pack of Jewel of Bless (10) once and 1000 Zeny per minute, these are not the official cost yet of this system.
  2. Offlevel characters is maxed to 50 only.
  3. When your character died it will be disconnected.
  4. When your character runs out of the required costing/minute, in this initial release it is only 1000 Zeny, it will be disconnected.
  5. If you want to disconnect your offlevel character then simply login to Gold server twice.

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