Item Raffle Winners - Labor Day 2018
Posted on May 05,2018 at 18:20

Below are the list of the winning tickets for our Labor Day's Item Raffle event, for more info about the event and the list of available prize items please refer HERE.

Agartha eX Winning Tickets
  1. LAR34415
  2. YOA76651
  3. HMX09669
  4. MVV63093
  5. AQD32154
  6. NIY83652
  7. SMB31759
  8. RAA35926
  9. WRD69058
  10. LTE69600
Agartha Classic Winning Tickets
  1. XLN88664
  2. MBR51811
  3. SEW52848
  4. NMD29051
  5. XCD82150
  6. VMS56339
  7. VPX57242
  8. WGK61295
  9. WWU50335
  10. XAB49705
You can check your registered tickets HERE, if you won please create a support ticket (General Inquiry) HERE with the following details...
  • Ticket number
  • Character name
  • Server Realm (eX or Classic)
  • Prize Items (Chosen 2 from the list, must be unique)

Congratulations to all the winners!

MUPH Management