Heart of Love eCoins Promo
Posted on Feb 10,2017 at 10:40
Starting now until Valentines Day, loot and store 214 Heart of Love in your vault to avail 30% eCoins bonus in your eCoins donation, the bonus rate will depends on how many Heart of Love items are stored in your vault and the maximum bonus rate is 30%.

The Heart of Love items stored in your vault in each realm (eX, Rebirth and Classic) will be added all together, if you reached a count of 214 or more then you can have the 30% bonus eCoins otherwise the bonus rate will be lesser .

Formula: bonus rate = total count of heart of love / 214 * 30

The bonus ecoins will be added when you donated with minimum amount of 140 through Mlhuillier, Cebuana, GCash, Share Load, Verified PayPal and Merchants.

  1. The total heart of love will be counted on the time of donation approval and it will not be deleted so just keep it there for later donations.
  2. Jewels in CashShop (under Tier Promo tab) will be available during the promo period.

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