Fruits of Labor, Coin What May
Posted on Apr 26,2017 at 07:45

Planning on getting some extra eCoins? Here's a treat for you... In pre-celebration of the working man's hard work through the years, we are giving extra eCoins for every minimum purchase of 400Php based on the following table:

Purchase Date
Bonus eCoins
April 26 at 8:00 AM - April 2725%
April 28 - April 2915%
April 30 - May 110%

From now until May 7, We're also giving out ribbon boxes for your pleasant surprise. Just get them from the millions of minions that abound the lands of Agartha.

NOTE: Only donation methods included are Mlhuillier, Cebuana, Gcash, Verified PayPal and Merchants.

MUPH Management