Christmas Tier Promo
Posted on Dec 03,2016 at 06:49

In every accumulated amount of eCoins you spent for Jewels (Pack of Jewel of Bless and Soul) in our ingame CashShop during the promo period, you will receive a Gift items on Christmas accordingly. This promo will start on December 3 and end on December 24, you will get your gift items on December 25.

Tier LeveleCoins SpentGift Items
140002x Talisman of Chaos Assembly + 1x Accessory +4 +3% Auto HP +2 Exc
280004x Talisman of Chaos Assembly + 2x Accessory +4 +3% Auto HP +2 Exc
3150001x Talisman of Ultimatum + 3x Accessory +4 +3% Auto HP +2 Exc


  • Each account can only attain one Tier Level no matter how much eCoins you spent.
  • You can choose Tier Level below the Tier Level your account attained.
  • Accessory - You can choose Ring or Pendant and the 2 exc. options are your choice.
  • Accessory in Agartha Classic has one exc. option only.
  • Talisman of Chaos Assembly - Avoid item destruction when you failed level upgrade chaos mix. (+10 to +15)
  • Talisman of Ultimatum - When this item is placed in the first slot of your main inventory, you will have a 100% success rate in level upgrade chaos mix. (+10 to +15)
  • You can choose one of our server realm (Agartha eX, Rebirth and Classic) where you want the Gift items be inserted but you can't split the Gift items in different realms.


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