Christmas Castle Siege Events 2017
Posted on Dec 01,2017 at 16:40
We got 3 castle sieges left till Christmas, our last Castle Siege event will be on December 22 (Agartha Classic) and 23 (Agartha eX) , the following will be our events for both realms.

XMAS Castle Siege Top Pointers

The table below will show how much point(s) an alliance can win in the succeeding Cast Siege events. The top pointers alliance at the end of our Castle Siege event will receive a cash prize of 5000 Pesos + 100 Jewel of Guardian + 300 Jewel of Bless. There will only be one winner per realm (eX and Classic) so any tie in points at the end will be resolved/concluded by a guild war event.

Castle Siege Date - Classic
Castle Siege Date - eX
Winning Point(s)
December 8
December 9
5 Points
December 15
December 16
10 Points
December 22
December 23
15 Points


  • Points will add-up only to the main guild of allicance, avoid changing the main guild because it will split your points.
  • SOL registration BUYOUT is prohibited, you cant register another alliance as dummy/accomplice to kick the other alliance with SOL registration, you will be disqualified in the events when proven and you will no longer be allowed to join the Castle Siege during this event.

XMAS Castle Siege Last Winner Event

The alliance who will win the Castle Siege event on December 22 and 23 will hold the Castle until the first of 2018 Castle Siege event on January 5 and 6, 2018. Starting on December 24, 2017 (after maintenance) until January 4, 2018, the following changes will be applied in Land of Trials (LOT) map:

  1. The set or ancient items drop rate in Land of Trials will be increased 2x.
  2. Jewel of Guardian drop rate will be increased by 2x.
  3. Jewel of Bless bundle (10 pcs) drop will be added with rate of 2%.
  4. Ancient Blood Angel items (normally drop in Nars map) will drop in Land of Trials with rate of 2%.

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