BER Season Special!
Posted on Aug 23,2016 at 08:08

The much awaited BER Season is almost in us and Christmas is just sleeps away! In return for your loyalty, we will give you promos, events and freebies so you can have more fun, satisfaction and enjoyment while staying with us. For our First BER special this September, we will have the following promos and events...

eCoins Bonus Promo
For every donation of 300 Pesos minimum through GCash, MLhuillier, Cebuana, Verified PayPal and Merchants, you will get a bonus eCoins according to the figures below.
  • Aug. 24 to 26 - 35% Bonus
  • Aug. 27 to 30 - 25% Bonus
  • Aug. 31 to Sep. 3 - 10% Bonus
Talisman Of Ultimatum Raffle Event
This is a special talisman that  you need to put in your the first slot of your main inventory when upgrading item level from 10 to 15 (Agartha eX/Rebirth) or 10 to 13 (Agartha Classic), this will produce a 100% success rate in the mix. To get tickets in this raffle event, you will exchange the following items for specific amount of tickets base on the item. Tickets registration will start on Sep. 1, 2016 and the raffle draw will be on Oct. 1, 2016. 
  • Jewel of Bless - 2 Tickets
  • Jewel of Soul - 1 Ticket
  • +15 Normal Item (Agartha eX/Rebirth) - 5 Tickets
  • +15 Excelent Item (Agartha eX/Rebirth) - 10 Tickets
  • +13 Normal Item (Agartha Classic) - 5 Tickets
  • +13 Excelent Item (Agartha Classic) - 10 Tickets
  • maybe more items later ....
  1. There will be a separate registration and raffle draw per realm (Agartha eX/Rebirth/Classic).
  2. There will be 10 winners in each realm.
  3. A character can only win once.
  4. Each winner will get 2 Talisman of Ultimatum.
  5. Registration mechanic will be posted later...
  6. Mechanics of this event might change as necessary, pls be informed by visiting our website news/notice page regularly. 

Holidays Boost Exp. Event
This event will start from September 1, 2016 and end on January 3, 2017. During the event, 50% of the current experience you are getting will be added as bonus experience.

But wait, there has more!... 
  • Special Boxes Drop in each BER month
  • Special Event Monsters Invasion
  • ...... 

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