Agartha eX Season 10 Official Release
Posted on Nov 10,2017 at 22:41

After a month of our Season 10 BETA stage, we are finally releasing our Season 10 Episode 3 on Nov. 12 to our eX realm (currently Season 8). As promised, those beta testers who managed to evolved their test character(s) to 3rd class will be able to bring their test character(s) (no items included, no extended inventory, no fruits....) to our official eX realm and for those who won in our recent Grand raffle draw will get a free Grow Lancer card.

Our official Season 10 client is now available for download from our download page. Those beta testers can simply download our Season 10 manual patch available from our download page also.

Maraming salamat po sa lahat ng beta testers ng Agartha Season 10!

MUPH Management and MUE Development Team