Agartha X-MAS GM Gift Boxes
Posted on Nov 23,2018 at 11:12
As early presents to you all, GM Boxes (1/2/3) will be dropping until December 15. Boxes will drop excellent items (1 to 2 options) and jewels. Now aside from those excellent items, daily until 25th of December, 3 boxes will drop a rare and expensive items.

GM Boxes are huntable in low to med level maps only so even those characters without a good set yet can hunt. Please take note that only GM Box 2 and 3 will drop the rare items, these boxes are available only in our PK server.

eX (Season 10) Rare Items Included
  • Exc 380 Items +0 +Luck +Skill (if applicable) +1-2 Exc. options (random but Mana and Life are not included).
  • Socketed Set Items (helm/glove/boot/armor/pant) +0 +Luck +5 slots.
  • Ancient Pentagrams +0 +4 slots.
  • Errtel including Radiance rank: 7 7 7 and 10 10 10 (PVP), element and against option are random.
Classic (Season 2) Rare Items Included
  • 380 items +9 +Luck +Skill +Opts
  • 2.5 Wings +0 +Luck +1 Exc. opt
  • Fenrir (Blue and Black)
  • more later...