Agartha Anniversary Castle Siege Event - Restrictions
Posted on Jun 10,2018 at 14:52

So in this event we gonna give away 5 Thousand Pesos for each realm (Agartha eX Season 10 and Classic Season 2) in the alliance who will got the most points. 

Starting on June 15 (Classic) and 16 (eX) until July 6 and 7 respectively, this will be four (4) Castle Siege events, the alliance who will accumulate the most points using our new Castle Siege event Point system will be declared winner and will receive the cash prize.

  • In this event using dummy alliance or conspiring with another friend alliance is strictly prohibited. All the points you will gain during the event will be removed once we proved you did so.

NOTE: We will add restrictions as necessary to avoid exploits in the event.

MUPH Management Tm