Season 11 Episode 2 Follow-Up Updates
Posted on Apr 27,2019 at 09:39
Webzen Official Updates
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Agartha Season 11 Updates
Posted on Apr 12,2019 at 16:06

Our server is now updated to Season 11 Episode 1, the client and needed patches to connect to our server are available in our do .....
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Duel Master Event - Grand Master Finals
Posted on Mar 21,2019 at 21:57
Server - Server 14
Date & Time - March 29 at 7 p.m. .....
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MUPH Summer Heat 2019
Posted on Mar 21,2019 at 07:34

To kick off with the approaching summer, we brought you the following events for your faster leveling and item upgrading needs.. .....
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DM Event Registration Opened - High Elf
Posted on Feb 18,2019 at 20:02
Agartha eX Duel Master Event
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Castle Siege Points and Golden Colosus
Posted on Nov 13,2018 at 18:43

Castle Siege Points (CSP) is the points an alliance will get in participating to Castle Siege event, the mechanics to get the po .....
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Agartha Duel Bet System - Update
Posted on Oct 08,2018 at 17:53
Betus the younger brother of Titus came to Agartha to aid his brother, gambling is all he do and yet he hates being scammed so much, he had enough of .....
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PK System Updates - NOTE
Posted on Jun 04,2018 at 20:15

We have changed/added some rules in our PVP PKing system as follows.
  • Once a character became an outlaw (orange colo .....
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Castle Siege and Golden Fenrir
Posted on Jan 20,2014 at 14:49
Dear Mutizens,

We are now adding the Golden Fenrir as a trophy for weekly Castle Siege. Now whoever will win the Castle Siege will have an .....
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