Account Insurance

The securities we provided you is enough to secure your account, but if you would like to extend the protection of your investment then you can subscribe for a one year Account Insurance. This insurance will guarantee the protection of your investments in case someone managed (somehow???) to "HACK" or stole your account.

Insurance Protection Coverage :

  1. Account's ownership.
  2. Account's eCoins and eCash.
  3. Account's characters.
  4. Vault items .
  5. Character items.
  6. Character PCPoints.

How to subscribe for 1 Year Account Insurance:

  1. Using your account's registered email, send your Account ID, 4 Digits Login Code and Personal ID to for initial account assessment.
  2. If your account passed our initial assessment, within 24 hours our security staff will then direct you to a live chat for more confirmations and instructions.
  3. You will pay the amount of Jewel of Bless or eCoins based on the risk level of your account.


  • Each resolved case will cost you 1000 eCoins.
  • Only cases within Insurance subscription period will be covered.
  • The insurance will not cover lost items through SCAM.
  • False "HACK" report will result to Account Insurance's subscription termination and Account BAN for a month.
  • Account's sold via PHP will result to Account Insurance's subscription termination.
  • MUPH management reserves the right to change/update/terminate the Insurance system as the management sees it fit without prior notice.