Lotto 4 Digits Jackpot

Ticket Price: 200 eCoins
Digits Range: 0 - 7

Jackpot Item: 380 Item +0 +Luck +Skill (if weapon with skill)


Possible Wins:
Combinations Price
4 Matches (Jackpot) 10000 eCoins


  • You can join this event by talking to Golden Archer NPC in Devias, Server 9 (Market) only.
  • Lotto winning numbers will always be drawn at 9 pm except in special holiday event.
  • Only jackpot winner will be announced ingame, re-login and talk to Golden Archer NPC if you matched 3 to 4 combinations. 
  • 4 digits number combinations is not necessarily in order.
  • Last winning 4 digit combinations will be displayed in the right top panel of our website.