Martin The Gambler

  • 3 Players are required to start the gamble.
  • Each player will deposit to Martin by clicking bet position.
  • When 3 players are completed, Martin will start the gamble using RNG system.
  • Winner will be announced in game & will receive reward instantly.
  • Bets are taken before the gamble starts.
  • Event is 1 hour duration twice a day for bless & twice a day for eCoins 

Schedule & Location: 
  • Market & PVP Server @ Devias Map Coords 204 - 44
  • eCoins Bet Time: 9:00am & 6:00pm GMT+8
  • Jewel of Bless Bet: 11:00am & 8:00pm GMT+8

Gamble Bet Value: 
  • 1x Jewel of Bless
  • 25 eCoins
  • eCoin Gamble: 3% tax from winner (Fixed)
  • Jewel Gamble: 50,000 Zen (May still adjust)
  • Free Tax Until October 30, 2021 as Promotional Event


All bets are placed in temporary table which means if player gets disconnected while on bet, the jewel will be rewarded the next time you reconnect.