Duel Master Mechanics

  1. Registration period for each class will be announced in game automatically.
  2. Players will need to register in game NPC Guard on Lorencia to participate
  3. 500 eCoins will be collected by the NPC as registration fee.
  4. The GM will announce 5 minutes before each contestant`s match, and warp the contestants to the GM Map.
  5. If a player is not online or responding during the designated match time, the GM will allow only 5 minutes grace period. More than the allowed time, it will result to a default disqualification.
  6. If a player gets disconnected during a match, you have 3 minutes to go back online and PM the GM to have you warped on the GM Map. Due to your Voluntary or Involuntary  disconnection your opponent will be awarded 1 point to the match. The opposing character will be allowed to "switch character" to recover SD, and a re-duel from the last score prior the DC will be implemented.
  7. If you are found to have logged-in to the wrong server number after you DCed, you will be automatically be disqualified.
  8. A second disconnection during the match, will default to a DQ.
  9. Every set of duel will only have a limit of 20 minutes, Semis 30 Minutes the player with the highest score will be declared as winner if that time limit is reached.
  10. Match are single eliminations until semis, Finals is best of 3.
  11. The use of store, extended inventories, potions and other miscellaneous items such as are allowed.
  12. (Dark Wizard Class) Teleport skill will not be permitted during the event as this skill will consume too much time during the match.
  13. STUN effect is totally removed.
  • SD Potion is prohibited
  • Complex Potion is Prohibited
  • Unicorn is prohibited
  • Dinorant is prohibited
  • DM Trophy Items are probited
  • Transformation rings are prohibited
  • Pet Skeleton is prohibited
  • Item Buffs from CashShop will not load in DM server.

  • Trophy Usage Condition: Max 90 days to champion if no future DMs to be held

  • Ladder is re-randomized after 1st bracket to avoid anticipating and fix matching fights.

  • Trophy will be taken if no challenger within 3 DMs Cycle, Title Recogination will stay indefinitely.

All prohibits are automatically managed by the system.