Lostland Special Commands

  • /setkey 10_DIGITS_KEY - This command will set a master key to your account, once you successfully set your master key you can now be able to use /lock YOUR_10_DIGITS_KEY to lock your account and /unlock YOUR_10_DIGITS_KEY to remove the lock. Locked account will be blocked to do tasks such as delete character, trade item, sell item, move item, talk to npc, kill players and duel player. (NOTE: dropable items can still be dropped from character inventory)
  • /lock 10_DIGITS_KEY - This command will block your character's ingame transaction like trading, personal store etc... Once locked the character can only do PK and Duel.
  • /unlock 10_DIGITS_KEY - Remove the lock status in your character.
  • /autolock ON/OFF - Type the command /autolock ON to automatically lock your account upon client exit or logout and the command /autolock OFF will disable this security feature.
  • /checkchar name - This command will tell you if the character is a Game Master or not and will show you also the character's name in all capital letters, this will reveal the difference between i and I and other confusing characters that might be used in scamming.
  • /clearinv name - This command will delete all items in your main inventory (equipment items are not included) so use it with care because we will not compensate any items lost using this command. Parameter name is your character's name.
  • /clearpk - This command will clear your PK status and usable only in PVP server, you will need Jewel of Bless/Soul and 1M zenny, the no. of bless or soul will depend on your PK level.
  • /saveml slot-number - Save a profile of your Mastering/Enhanced Skills build to a slot-number (1-5). This command is available only for Gold Subscriber.
  • /loadml slot-number - Restore your Mastering/Enhanced Skills build profile for slot-number (1-5). This command is available only for Gold Subscriber..