Game Not Loading Fix

This problem is for:

  • If your client doesnt load after clicking gamestart
  • If MU window autocloses after loading


Game won`t load after you click Game Start?
Make sure to set your DEP (Data Execution Prevention) for Windows essential and services only. System Properties >> Advanced Tab >> Settings Button >> Data Execution Prevention Tab
Add mu.exe and main.exe

1. Go to "Control Panel"
2. Click "System & Security"
3. Click "System"
4. Click "Advanced System Settings"
5. Click under Performance "Settings"
6. Go to "Data Execution Prevention"
7. Add "LostandMU, Main, Mu"
8. Click "APPLY"
10. Play game using "LostLandMU"

If you already added the main.exe from Lost Land MU and still not working, then choose the 1st option and then click Apply & Reboot your PC.


Having errors after you click Game Start like BMD is missing or error?

Please run the green icon Lost Land MU Updater