Christmas 3rd Wing Raffle Event Winners
Posted on Dec 27,2021 at 20:24
Below our the 5 winning tickets with our Christmas 3rd Wing Raffle event. You will see your registered tickets HERE

You can claim your 3rd Wing prize item by sending an email to with the following details....

Subject: LLMU XMAS 3rd Wing Raffle Event
Message: Winning ticket: {YOUR TICKET} Character:{CHARACTER-WHO-REGISTERED-THE-TICKET} 3rd Wing Exc Option (1-2nd placer only): {YOUR-CHOSEN-1-EXCELLENT-OPTION}

  • Winning ticket #5 is PEOELNY190
  • Winning ticket #4 is IYRUDXT136
  • Winning ticket #3 is LCMJRMN150
  • Winning ticket #2 is RFXGNQS280
  • Winning ticket #1 is ZBPYECIA80