Update - December 29, 2020
Posted on Dec 29,2020 at 14:09

Updates 29/12/2020 :

  • Anti ALT+F4 exploit now implimented in all maps
  • Kalima Gate dropping restricted in CS Server
  • Magic Gladiator Thunder Hawk Set Release
  • Last Man PVP Automated Scheduled Event

Event Mechanics:

  - Event Active in PVP 2 (Server 3)
  - Players will register to event npc found in Devias.
  - Players will be given 10 minutes to register & prepare
  - When event starts, all participants will be warped in Arena Pit with 15 seconds prep time.
  - Minimum Participants to Start - 4 Players Maximum - 30 Players
  - This event is single elimination rule, once you die you are out.
  - Last Man Standing in Pit declared as Winner.

Registration Fee: 1x Jewel of Bless
Schedule: Daily @ 7:00PM GMT+8
Winner: Takes all the registered bless