Non PVP Server Update
Posted on May 13,2020 at 14:07
Non PVP Server Update : 13/05/2020

As we find better solution for players demand on non-pvp server by not affecting the economy and preventing afk farming, We have came up with a system that all players will benefit without affecting the economy & market.

Non PVP Server Conditions / Restrictions:

  • No jewel drop on non-pvp server.
  • Helper zen cost 25% higher.
  • Non Subscriber from Level 1 - 200 only.
  • Subcriber From Level 1 - 380  only.
  • All 380 level & above chracters cant enter non-pvp server.
  • No Dragon Invasion & Other Events.
  • Non Pvp Server limited to 400 players only 1st come, 1st served.

NO-PK Feature Disabled & Server 5 to be taken down.

Thank You,
LLMU Management