Christmas Stars
Posted on Dec 17,2021 at 11:21

It's Christmas now in Devias! You can start hunting for stars until 25th...,  Stars will drop rare items, regular items (max 2 exc options) , jewels, raffle ticket points (Third Wing Raffle event) and eCoins Bonus points.

Rare Items
Rare items will be dropped daily until 25th and a Third Wing (random type) will be dropped ONCE in the duration of this event, the day and time is random so it can be any day from 17-25.

Raffle Tickets
5 will win Third Wings on Dec. 26 raffle event, you will see your accumulated tickets under our account profile page of our website.
  • 1st - 2nd rank : Third Wing +0 +Luck +1 Exc (your choice)
  • 3rd - 5th rank : Third Wing +0 +Luck

eCoins Bonus
You can use this eCoins bonus in your donations, if you have accumulated 30 then you can use this 30 as 30% bonus in your eCoins donation. Every used points will be deducted from your accumulated points. You will see your accumulated event bonus point under your account profile page of our website.

NOTE: eCoins Event bonus points is valid until Dec. 31 only!

Happy Stars Hunting!

LLMU Management