We are a free to play private server running on Mu Online emulated software we developed (MuEngine). Our game platform allows users access and the ability to achieve all gaming aspects freely. We accept donations to help maintain and develop our gaming environment and award our donors virtual coin (eCoins) they may use in-game for whatever purpose it may serve them.

Why Choose Us?

  1. We, MUE at http://www.muengine.org, developed our own MuOnline emulator, this made us independent and allowed us to add/customize the necessary muonline features.
  2. We provided a unique security feature (4 Digits login code) to protect your investments in our server.

Our Mission:

To gather all old Mu gamers that have left over the years and as well as those who have left the game unwillingly to let you once again have a nostalgic MU experience.

Date Opened March 14, 2020
Server Hosting Singapore
Version Season 1 (Progressive)
Experience x2
Drop 10%
Rebirth No
Max Level 400
Max Master Level 0
Max Class 2nd
Max Wing First
Max Item Level 11
Max Excellent Option 1
Max Item Option +12
Classes Dark Knight, Elf & Wizard
Jewels Bless, Soul and Chaos
Maps Lorencia, Dungeons, Devias, Noria & Lost Towers