A New Hero Arrives in Lost Land MU
Posted on Jun 29,2020 at 16:55

Lost Land MU 1st Castle Siege
Posted on Jun 18,2020 at 21:58

Congratulations to PREDATOR Winning LLMU 1st Castle Siege

Reward: 10,000 PHP Cash Prize!

Thanks to OIPINOY & RAWSTAR for giving a Good War!

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Castle Siege Update
Posted on May 22,2020 at 22:55


As we want to give you more activities in game while slow boating into contents progression, we are releasing Castle Siege with limited conditions. .....

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Non PVP Server Update
Posted on May 13,2020 at 14:07
Non PVP Server Update : 13/05/2020

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Update: Market Server
Posted on May 12,2020 at 17:34

Market Server Update : 12/05/2020

1. Market Server Update .....
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Update May 5, 2020
Posted on May 05,2020 at 20:22
  • Atlans Map Release.
  • 3rd Client Activation Fee. .....
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Character Rename & Transfer Service
Posted on Mar 21,2020 at 13:16

You can now start using our character rename service that will allow you to use special symbols.

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Welcome to Lostland MU
Posted on Mar 14,2020 at 07:29

Welcome to Lost Land MU - Season 1 Progression Server

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About Lost Land MU
Posted on Mar 06,2020 at 19:19

  • Lost Land MU is your total MU ONLINE Classic Experience! This Server is born out of passion, dedication & love for the game. A lot o .....
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