Card Game Tongits
Posted on Jun 03,2023 at 11:12
Tongits Classic is a mobile only app specifically developed and integrated to MuOnline for Agartha players.

Our app is currently under review by google so it will take few days to be released, for the meantime you can download our APK from the link below.

How to play
  • Install the app in your android mobile (ios will be released later), emulators are not allowed.
  • Enable your location service.
  • Start the app and accept the permission for Location Service, the app will restart once.
  • Login once in the app with your Agartha user and password, whenever the app is reinstalled you will need to relog with user/pass
  • Choose the monetary you want to play then wait for random opponents.

How to TopUp/Cashout eCoins/Jewels

  • Add eCoins to your tongits account via ingame command /tongitsaddec EC_AMOUNT
  • Get eCoins from your tongits account via inagme command /tongitsgetec EC_AMOUNT
  • Add Jewels to your tongits account via ingame command /tongitsaddbless BLESS_AMOUNT
  • Get Jewels from your tongits account via ingame command /tongitsgetbless BLESS_AMOUNT

Game Modes

eCoins 5 / 10 Mode
  • 10 for Tongits and 5 if not
  • 5 Quadra/Royal
  • 5 per Ace card
  • 10 for Fight and 5 per each Card difference
  • 10 for Sagasa
  • 10 for Burned
Jewels 1 / 2 Mode
  • 5 for Tongits and 2 if not
  • 2 Quadra/Royal
  • 2 per Ace card
  • 5 for Fight and 2 per each Card difference
  • 5 for Sagasa
  • 5 for Burned

Moving Cards
  • Drag the cards left or right to arrange
  • Tap the stock in the center of the table to draw card.
  • Tap the card you want to drop and tap the table to drop it.
  • Tap 2 or more cards and tap it to the dropped card (for you) to chow.
  • Tap 2 or more cards and tap the downcards/chows in the table to "sapaw", there has no auto sapaw so you really need to tap the downcards/chows to make a sapaw else you will receive a message the card can't be dropped.
  • Tap 2 or more cards and group button will appear, click the button to group.
  • Tap the group cards and ungroup button will appear, click the button to ungroup.

Game Mechanics

  • Each turn has 60 seconds, auto drop of your random cards will occur when your time is up.
  • Game will start without a hitter then every two succeeding hits the hit prize will be taken, this is not a continues hits.
  • Quadra and Royal will be paid only if you did'nt put it down and you are the winner.
  • Ace will be paid regardless if you put it down or not but it should be included in your down/chows to paid.
  • Sagasa will be paid immediately once you put it down in the time you drew it from the stocks and you put it as "sapaw" to your TRIO down cards.
  • You can group the cards in your hand to avoid auto dropping it, but you need to ungroup it to put it down as chow or your down cards.
  • You will be given few seconds to group your cards when stock cards reached 0 or someone asked to fight, ONLY GROUPED CARDS WILL NOT BE COUNTED, ANY UNGROUPED CARDS WILL BE COUNTED REGARDLESS OF BUILD/FORM POSSIBILITY.
  • When you got disconnected your game will still continue with auto draw and drop, you will take control of your cards once you reconnected.
  • Game will only end when players are below 3 and the hit is taken or incase the hit is still not taken and hitter is still online game will still continue until hit is taken.

Agartha Management

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