Battle Core Server
Posted on Jun 22,2019 at 09:37

You can now connect to our Battle Core, in this server you will meet players from Agartha realm. 

Events in Battle Core
  1. Chaos Castle Battle
  2. Chaos Castle Survival of the Fittest
  3. Tormented Square
How to enter Battle Core?
  1. Talk to NPC Ellin in Lorencia town.
  2. Click Queing Battle Core button, here your last saved items will be copied to Battle Core database. 
  3. Click Run Battle Core button, it will open a new client in battle core mode, you will login with the same account.
Rewards from Events
  • You will win a conqueror badge from Chaos Castle Survival, you will use this to mix a Conqueror wing.
  • Specials boxes from other events.
  1. Items in battle core are temporary and you can't bring it back to the main server.
  2. You will loot the special boxes that will drop in the event, when you exited the event those boxes will be transfered automatically in the main server.
  3. You can get those boxes from your Gremory Case in the main server.