Sever Updates - Mar. 26
Posted on Mar 26,2020 at 10:55
Below are the server updates implemented base on the experimental server structure...

  • The command /nopk  is now accessible to both gold and non-gold subscribers, gold subscriber is free to use this command while non-gold non-master character will pay 1 Bless and master character will pay a pack of bless (10) in each use of the command. This command is used so your character can't be pked nor can you but this command has no effect in some event maps (BC, DS, CC, IT, Last stand, duel room, Imperial, Dopple and Castle siege).
  • When you attack a character, you won't be able to use the /nopk for 5 minutes and you won't be able to warp in 1 minute.
  • Offlevel (/offlevel) is now enabled for gold subcribers, you can subscribe 3 character per PC and the maximum gold subscriber in the server is only 50.
  • Murderers can't warp and buy pots anymore like the old days.
  • Murderers can't user /nopk command.
  • Murderers can't clear pk by killing heroes anymore, you need to use /clearpk.
  • Ferea event will start every 12 hrs now, before its random from 12-24 hrs.
  • Nars boss will respawn every 12 hrs now.
  • Uruks boss respawn is set to 12 hrs now and item drop rate from the boss has be significantly increased.