Christmas Race to 400 - Maraton Event Registration
Posted on Dec 01,2020 at 07:55
This is a race to level 400 in an isolated server starting Dec. 5 at 7:00pm until Dec. 25 (deadline) . Our event server exp. rate is x5 and 50% drop rate. 

How to Join?
  • Create a new character but don't login yet.
  • Exit the client.
  • Go to our maraton event registration page HERE.
  • You can login to our maraton event server (Server 15) on Dec. 5 at 7:00pm.

Event server restrictions/policies:
  • No buffs (CashShop)
  • No helper
  • No pking
  • No party
  • No vault
  • No trades
  • No personal store
  • No CashShop
  • No WebShop/Loyalty store 
  • Shadow Phantom max level support is 100
  • characters created in this server can't login to other server in the duration of the event.
  • old/existing characters created in normal servers can't login in this server.
  • You are only allowed to enter Lorencia, Noria, Devias, Elveland, Dungeon, Atlans,  Lost Tower, Icarus and Tarkan.
  • You are allowed to join Blood Castle, Devil Square and Chaos Castle events.
  • You cant create guild .
  • Gold subscription has no plus in drop and experience.
Any necessary adjustments will be posted here before the event started.

MUPH Management